ROTARY 50/50

Hello Fellow Rotarians

Its Get Preventive and we have over 20 years of experience in helping people with back pain. Right now we have a big project with the International Rotary Club, in Ukraine. My reason for reaching out is, I wanted to put together a program to help Fellow Rotarians while also helping our local Ukrainian programs and projects, (such as PPE for the Children’s Regional hospital in Ukraine). During this COVID-19/Quarantine time, I thought about a Rotary program that will make a difference in individuals’ lives while benefiting you and your business. Why do this, being from NYC and everything going on, plus seeing how the COVID-19 problem is affecting Ukraine, I thought two birds with one stone or class! How? By investing in others, and yourself physically, at the same time.

Get Preventive LLC, where we teach pain management techniques for back pain: at work, home, while entertaining, and traveling. As businesspeople we know back pain can decrease our work productivity and our employees work productivity! So, we decided to do two programs, in one!

Help Rotarians be more productive at work while investing in their physical future and giving half of the proceeds to Rotary, so we can invest in others future!!

Let me explain:

  • Rotarians get 50% discount on classes and 50% off that will go to Rotary program. Classes are $100 for an individual class, and $200 for Group Classes (4 group classes/45 min each). Rotarians will pay $100 (the Autumn special) and Get Preventive gives $50 to Rotary! 

    Any Rotarian or family member can sign up!

  • It is time to give. So, I am giving time. Classes will only be held on Monday’s for Rotary 50/50, at 2 different times during the day, EST. 9:00am, 12pm (noon) EST.
  • Get Preventive Classes are: Basic 1; Basic 2; Basic 3; and Basic 4. So, whichever Monday, you start, you will not miss out.
  • We can do a Corporation Special honoring Rotary 50/50 Program, if that helps. Just email us!

Rotary MasterClass Schedule 

Whichever Monday, you start, you will not miss out. Example: Start on November 9th, finish on December 1t!


2nd – Free Consultation

9th – Basic MasterClass I

16th – Basic MasterClass II

23rd – Basic MasterClass III

30th – Basic MasterClass IV


1t – Free Consultation

7th – Basic MasterClass I

14th – Basic MasterClass II

21rd – Basic MasterClass III

28th – Basic MasterClass IV

Please let all your fellow Rotarians know, we are here to help!!

  • Rotarians will learn 3-second movements, that decrease your stress and back pain, with little change in your lifestyle.
  • Time is money, so just a 3-second move, that can possibly decrease back pain for you, 25%, 50% and 75%, is an investment.
  • Remember 50% will go to Rotary and the programs L’viv International Rotary are working on.
  • So, invest in yourself while investing in Rotary!!!
  • These super discounted classes are only in the summer for Rotarians, let’s make a big impact in others and yourself!


“I have sent patients to Vickie, at Get Preventive.  She offers services that are unique in NYC that can play vital roles in helping patients in the management of their chronic pain.”

Dr. Charles Kim

Board Certified in Pain Medicine, NYC

After just a week of classes, I learned meaningful tools to decrease my back pain. The concepts are simple, short and mindful steps to decrease pain. For, I noticed a 30%-50% decrease in pain each day.

Barbara S. NYC


Overall 75% decrease in pain, sitting, and standing. I’ve had back issues for many years and sciatic pain from several compressed vertebrae. I moved about 18 months ago and I’m now much further from my chiropractor. I’m amazed at how much difference your simple techniques made in reducing pain from some new stresses and irritation.

Jim H. N.J.


Ready to Make a Change?

We are here to help, we want to know, about your pain! Remember simple movements can make a world of difference, from increasing pain to decreasing pain.  Let us help teach you!  Join now!