How We Can Help You


1. Learn how to decrease symptoms

2. Learn our “3” second movements

3. Learn how to increase work productivity

4. You will get knowledge of pain management

5. Learn how decreased pain can be a lifestyle

$200 for Winter
4 classes / 45 min  each


Learning how important it is to be aware of your movements is key to decreasing your pain. So with Get Preventive classes, you will learn 3 second movements that help you decrease back pain while you are at work, home, walking, socially or traveling.  Listen, everyday you choose how to do things, you get in the car a certain way, you work at your office and move a certain way!  Trust me, it is easy to do things without thinking.  But if you take time to do things correctly, JUST 3 SECONDS, it will make a big difference!  So learn how to not waste your time and move with more ease.  You will be investing in yourself.

At Get Preventive, we strive in education and knowledge.  It is important to teach how body mechanics and ergonomics work, not just how to move correctly, but that you know why it is important to move correctly. Knowing 3 seconds techniques, and knowledge you can learn to decrease pain and enjoy life again.  Come make it your lifestyle, by practicing simple techniques that last a lifetime.

Why is Pain Management so important?

If you have pain, it restricts you from living, and holds you back from accomplishing goals and enjoying your life.  Learning how to decrease pain and modifying your lifestyle, with simple techniques, that decrease symptoms can help you take back your life.  Some medical professions don’t want you to focus on pain.  At Get Preventive we will teach you how to use pain to change your narrative and show you how you can modify your life with simple 3 second techniques.  3 second movements make your life easier, and helps you make a new narrative every day. 

– Learn How to Live Again

– Decrease Symptoms

– Increase Work Productivity

– Stop Triggering Your Pain

– Know Your Core

– Know How to Invest in Yourself

– Daily, Hourly and in Minutes  Pain

– Realize How to Make it a Lifestyle

– Increase Family & Social Living

– Techniques that Help You to Start to Travel Again

Meet Our Teacher

Vickie H.

Working 20 years in Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Aquatics, Ergonomics, and Body Mechanics, at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital, 92Y Aquatics & Back to Sports PT, Amsterdam Rehabilitation, Baptist Hospital East Milestone Wellness Center and others.

Certifications & Specialties: Pain Management, Aquatics, Ergonomics, Body Mechanics, and Physical Therapist Assistant.


"I have sent patients to Vickie, at Get Preventive.  She offers services that are unique in NYC that can play vital roles in helping patients in the management of their chronic pain."

Dr. Charles Kim

Board Certified in Pain Medicine, NYC

"After just a week of classes, I learned meaningful tools to decrease my back pain. The concepts are simple, short and mindful steps to decrease pain. For, I noticed a 30%-50% decrease in pain each day."

Barbara S. NYC


"Overall 75% decrease in pain, sitting, and standing. I've had back issues for many years and sciatic pain from several compressed vertebrae. I moved about 18 months ago and I'm now much further from my chiropractor. I'm amazed at how much difference your simple techniques made in reducing pain from some new stresses and irritation."

Jim H. N.J.