Somethings just feel right and with Get Preventive Aquatic program there is a brighter light at the end of the tunnel!

Primary Focus of the Aquatic Method

We focus on management of symptoms and modifying your lifestyle, so one can decrease pain and enjoy life.  This empowers individuals for greater independence at work and in daily activities.

Aquatic exercise program is strengthening of the core muscles, posture awareness, body mechanics, and pain management. Individuals benefit because of the ease of  exercising in the water.  Water promotes relaxation, and decreasing stress, while working on gait, muscle strengthening, body awareness, flexibility and balance.  Which all helps and carry’s over to ones daily lifestyle.

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Pain Management

Body Mechanics

Posture Awareness

Whole Body Lifestyle Techniques

Our Services

We Specialize In

Back Pain

There are simple lifestyle techniques that decrease symptoms

Core Stability

Having core muscles and knowing how to kick them on is key


Sometimes balance is not the problem. Let us help

Pre/post Hip surgery

Strengthening your hip can post pone surgery or help with after surgery.  Its a win win!

Pre/post Knee surgery

Surgery is not fun, why not see if the water can postpone it or improve the outcome.

Posture Awareness

Your posture can decrease symptoms by putting less stress on the spine

Muscle weakness

Strengthening is great, though if you are doing other movements wrong 165 hours a week, there is a problem


We all know teams are important, so balancing, strength, bones, and body mechanics help make a world of difference


When life throws you a curve, exercising in a relaxing atmosphere can make a world of difference

Vehicle accident recovery

Learning to strengthen many body parts at once is time consuming, I know!  Water exercise takes less time and improves all over.


Learning how to strengthen and have less stress on your spine can help you live your life easier

Pre/post Back Surgery

Knowing what to do before surgery is more beneficial than waiting til after surgery. Let us help

Pregnancy Back Pain

Posture, movements, and body mechanics, can relieve stress on your spine

Hip/Knee pain

Pain gets under the skin, though water can surround you and support you during your exercise program


There is never a more forgiven atmosphere, when you have a misstep, then in the water.


Join Our Testimonial Community

“The doctor wanted me to have two Total Knee replacements, I didn’t want to, so he said go see Vickie. The aquatic program helped me from having knee surgery for 5 years.”

Dolly Chambers

“I could have started with the water exercises sooner after my auto accident, since the water is so much friendlier.  The stomach crunches were excellent, I did not have to engage my knee (injured in the accident) and the upper back and shoulder exercises are great too, since my rotator cuffs are such a mess.”

- Garry K.

Car Accident

“I had back pain 5/10 with sitting and standing.  After working with Vickie for one month, my pain decreased from 5/10 to 0/10.   I was able to increase my walking, sitting time and standing time.”

Mervin S. MD.

“After two sessions, and I was only assisting and following the program my husband was doing.  My back pain went from a 4/10 to a 2/10.”

Mary K.

“I felt a release in my low back and hip for a whole day after a session, I even was able to walk 11 blocks home, I usually take a taxi after 2 blocks.  My posture and distance with walking improved 80%.”

Phyllis P.

“I was impressed with the ease on the joints while working in the water.  Also, how quickly you see results.”

Trish S.

“I really enjoyed that it was a small class, so the instructor was able to focus on my special problems and together we were able to improve them especially in each class with hands on practical.  The teacher was very calm and personal!”

Chloe T.

“Materials are clear and water-proofed.  After one session, I had 30% decreased tightness in my low back, after one session. Stairs is 100% better, less stress on my knees.  My stiffness in my knees and back went from a 8-9/10 to a 1-2/10.”

Liz F.

“Vickie’s water exercises and land tips helped me to be more aware of my core posture and how it affects my overall ability to move.  Following the proper techniques, helped me to decrease pain and increase more flexibility overall.”

Margie W.

Occupational Therapist

“After one visit, I was able to double my walking from 1 hour to over 2 hours, with no back pain!  No pain with standing!”

Barbara L. K

“The water program gave me the little push I needed to exercise and taught me the correct way to do it.”

Carol W.

“I was in a car accident and tried 7 – 8 months of physical therapy with no pain relief, and my Internist suggested that I try water exercises with Vickie.  After 6 weeks, my pain level was able to go from a 6 – 8 down to a 2-3, depending on my activity level for the day, and pain free if I paid attention.  It was a significant difference, to the point that I could have a normal life.  It was a pain free life for me, and I could have a normal life and do daily activities.  Whereas prior to the water exercises I did not have a pain free life, I did not have a normal life, and I couldn’t do daily activities.”

Stephanie L.

Car Accident

“Learned how to totally relax my spine, it has been very helpful.  One day, I was in so much pain when I came to class, my pain was 8/10, I had to take a cab. After class my pain was 0/10.”

Meg S.

“I decided to put off back surgery, and I took Vickie’s aquatic program, that was over 10 years ago. I was able to live an active lifestyle, I thought I lost.  Now I run with my son and granddaughter.”

Frank C.

“The water class made me more flexible, and eased my back pain, it decreased 50%.”

Richard Hammer


“I really enjoyed that it was a small class, so the instructor was able to focus on my special problems and together we were able to improve them.  In each class with practice. The teacher was very calm and personal. Class 10/10″

Chloe T

“What I learned from Vickie’s water exercise program, I learned proper techniques that I put to practice with my daily routine and use it routinely to train my patients.”

Mani .J

Occupational Therapist

“I am 66 years old man living with my wife in Brooklyn.  I have multiple orthopedic issues that

make it impossible to walk any real distance or to swim laps, something I had done for many years.  I was getting no exercise at all, and that in itself was making me feel unfit and unwell

After four sessions with Vickie, I have the beginnings of a regular water-based exercise routine I can do without pain and have regained some abilities on land that I had lost.  I can already climb stairs without hesitation and navigate inside our apartment without using walls and furniture to steady myself.”

Harry K.

“This class at the was an 8!”

Cynthia K

Ready to Make a Change?

We are here to help, we want to know, about your pain! Remember simple movements can make a world of difference, from increasing pain to decreasing pain.  Let us help teach you!  Join now!