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Primary Focus of the Get Preventive Method :

We focus on management of symptoms and modifying your lifestyle, so one can decrease pain and enjoy life.  This empowers individuals for greater independence at work and in daily activities.

Aquatic exercise program is strengthening of the core muscles, posture awareness, body mechanics, and pain management. Individuals benefit because of the ease of  exercising in the water.  Water promotes relaxation, and decreasing stress, while working on gait, muscle strengthening, body awareness, flexibility and balance.  Which all helps and carry’s over to ones daily lifestyle.

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Physical Therapy

Pain Management

Body Mechanics

Posture Awareness

Whole Body Lifestyle Techniques

Aquatic Specialist

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Back Pain

There are simple lifestyle techniques that decrease symptoms

Core Stability

Having core muscles and knowing how to kick them on is key


Sometimes balance is not the problem. Let us help

Posture Awareness

Your posture can decrease symptoms by putting less stress on the spine

Muscle weakness

Strengthening is great, though if you are doing other movements wrong 165 hours a week, there is a problem


We all know teams are important, so balancing, strength, bones, and body mechanics help make a world of difference


Learning how to strengthen and have less stress on your spine can help you live your life easier

Pre/post Back Surgery

Knowing what to do before surgery is more beneficial than waiting til after surgery. Let us help

Pregnancy Back Pain

Posture, movements, and body mechanics, can relieve stress on your spine


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"I have sent patients to Vickie, at Get Preventive.  She offers services that are unique in NYC that can play vital roles in helping patients in the management of their chronic pain."

Dr. Charles Kim

Board Certified in Pain Medicine, NYC

"I had back pain 5/10 with sitting and standing.  After working with Vickie for one month, my pain decreased from 5/10 to 0/10.   I was able to increase my walking, sitting time and standing time."

Mervin S.


"By following Lifestyle techniques that Vickie taught me, my morning back pain went from 8/10 to 0/2, usually 0"

David Goodman

Bikes 100 miles per week

"Therefore, everything I have to do and everything that Vickie taught me, had to be a permeant lifestyle change. Back pain was 8/10 now"

Stephaine L.

"I liked the instructor’s personality (great sense of humor), and how she was able to get along with seniors.  Stairs use to irritate my symptoms, now stairs are less difficult.  And the one on one approach, and explanations for the exercises and stretches."

Gloria Ann K

"I referred all of my patients in need of aquatic therapy to Vickie, I am glad to see her product of water exercises.  Get Preventive includes all of the key components in a user-friendly package.  I will definitely recommend this program to my patient population."

Teresa Scherffius

Physical Therapist, OCS

"Vickie's water exercises and land tips helped me to be more aware of my core posture and how it affects my overall ability to move.  Following the proper techniques, helped me to decrease pain and increase more flexibility overall."

Margie W.

Occupational Therapist

"Immediate change when I corrected poor posture; one on one attention.  Learned new techniques to make progress.  Rate sessions 10/10"

Barbara K

"I learned to be aware of proper posture, how to climb steps, and get up from a chair properly.  Now I have the awareness and knowledge to know what to do to prevent and decrease pain."

Audrey C.

"By keeping my position, you taught me, it has decreased my hip pain."


"What I learned from Vickie’s water exercise program, I learned proper techniques that I put to practice with my daily routine and use it routinely to train my patients.  Working on core stability and good posture during day-to-day activity is what I liked most about my experience with Vickie’s program."

Mani .J

Occupational Therapist

"Following the proper techniques helped me to decrease pain and increase more flexibility overall. "

- Margie W.

Occupational Therapist

"Learning how I can get out of bed, decreased my back pain from 6-7/10 to a 2/10."

Richard Hammer


"I realized that after I carried too much and my back tightened up, I put into practice what you taught me, and the tightness when from a 7/10 to a 0/10.  Stairs is 100% better, less stress on my knee."

Liz F.

"Working on core stability and good posture during day-to-day activity is what I liked most about my experience with Vickie’s program."

Mani J.

Occupational Therapist

Ready to Make a Change?

We are here to help, we want to know, about your pain! Remember simple movements can make a world of difference, from increasing pain to decreasing pain.  Let us help teach you!  Join now!