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Decrease Back Pain, Enjoy Life

“I had back pain 5/10 with sitting and standing.  After working with Vickie for one month, my pain decreased from 5/10 to 0/10.   I was able to increase my walking, sitting time and standing time.”
Mervin S.

Decrease Pain

Our Non-Invasive Method


The root of your 
pain and needs


Essential core stability, posture, body mechanics and awareness


Pain management techniques that are easy to implement in your daily lifestyle

Our Pricing Plans

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Individual / Package

$200 (1) / $700 (4)

$100 (1) / 400 (5)

45 min  each

Back Pain Management

1. Modified program for you
2. Learn on your own time
3. “3” second movements
4. Decrease pain at work
5. Decrease pain with life & travel


Business / Lifestyle Classes


$200 for December

4 classes / 45 min  each

Back Pain Management
Group Classes

1. “3” second movements
2. Decrease symptoms
3. Increase work Productivity
4. Knowledge of pain management
5. Decreased Pain, can be a lifestyle

Aquatic Online Program


$200 for December

4 classes / 45 min  each

Back Pain Management
Group Classes

1. PT techniques that decrease pain
2. Learn water exercises by expert
3. Decrease muscle tightness
4. Correct Techniques that make a difference
5. Carry over to daily life

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Why Choose Us

Decrease your Pain and start to Enjoy Life with us

We are called “Get Preventive”, because we approach pain management as a lifestyle change.   We believe that you can prevent “and decrease” your pain as you go about your day.

We believe that what you do outside of your work out and pain management sessions has more impact on the decreasing of your pain.


Experience of Get Preventive


A 45 minute session online teaching and training how to manage and decrease back pain.

At Home / Work

Learn how simple techniques you do, when done correctly everyday, can prevent and decrease back pain.  Only 3 seconds can make a difference with less effect on your back.


When at home or traveling, “pools” are a great way to decrease back pain, while increasing your core muscles. Use these exercises and stretches, to decrease tightness,  preventive measures for stress, and decrease back pain so you can enjoy life again!

Expert Intsructors

Meet Our Teacher



Working 20 years in Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Aquatics, Ergonomics, and Body Mechanics, at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital, 92Y Aquatics & Back to Sports PT, Amsterdam Rehabilitation, Baptist Hospital East Milestone Wellness Center and others.

Certifications & Specialties: Pain Management, Aquatics, Ergonomics, Body Mechanics, and Physical Therapist Assistant.

Rotary Program 50 / 50

Get Preventive LLC, where we teach pain management techniques for back pain; at work, home, while entertaining, and traveling. As businesspeople we know back pain can decrease our work productivity and our employees work productivity! So, we decided to do two programs, in one!